Vincent Night- Graphic Designer


Direct yet conceptual. Provocative and engaging. Design & illustration for brands, publications, and people.


Looking for the TL;DR? Here's my resume.

While studying computer science at Colorado State University, I learned about the school's design program. I was originally studying Computer Science with the intent of creating interfaces between users and software, and graphic design seemed to be a better way to influence that directly.

After college, my then girlfriend, now wife, the amazing, exquisite, resplendent illustrator Kira Night and I decided to move to Seattle. We had no contacts, jobs prospects or apartments lined up, and almost no money. Through hard work and quite a bit of luck, we somehow made it work. 

My first job in Seattle was at very small computer company (Puget Systems), followed by a stint at a slightly larger computer company (Microsoft) on the Xbox One launch team. At both positions I wore many hats, and got hands on experience with videography, motion graphics, product photography, 3D modeling and direct marketing in addition to all of the graphic design work.

Big Fish Games was next on the list, where I helped build out their new digital marketing team. There were also several launches of new mobile games and their associated campaigns.

After four years in Seattle, Kira and I decided to try focus on what we really cared about. For her, it was full time illustration, and for me, it was branding, identity, and graphic illustration. Minneapolis seemed like a good fit for all of those things, so we packed up and moved again with no contacts, jobs or apartments lined up (are you seeing a theme here?). 

In my short time in Minneapolis, I've worked at Christiansen Creative, heavily involved myself on the Sustainability Council with AIGA, spent time printing at Hamilton Ink Spot, been in several design shows and have learned a new appreciation for hot dish and cheese curds. 




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